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Post #1 - 4/27/13

I suppose I am a little late to the scene on making these blog posts, but that is all right. It is crazy to think that this year is almost over; the year has absolutely flown by! The due date for this project seems so far away, but I know it will creep up on me faster than expected. Today was not the most eventful of days, so that is really all I have to say for now. Until next time!

Post #2 - 4/30/13

Finally got part of the media portion of my website set up. I do not really have any photos yet, but I am excited to be using the layout that I found to display photos. From what my website is now I am a little afraid of how this whole project will turn out; hopefully I can figure out the tools and utilize all of my options a little bit better! At least this template is not as bad as my first choice, which was absolutely horrendous. I am so glad I made the decision to switch, as this one looks so much cleaner, and is not clunky or heavy at all. I will make another post sometime in future, bye for now!

Post #3 - 5/9/13

Very happy with how things are coming along with this site right now! The digital pieces page is turning out better than I thought it would which makes me super happy. I was afraid that the slideshows were not going to work, but thankfully I figured it out. But still, I am very frustrated with the embedding of Google docs. For some reason, after inserting the app and connecting my gmail account, the uploaded pieces will not stick. Every time I sign on to edit my portfolio, the installed apps have reverted back to the generic presentation that Wix set up. If I cannot fix this, I do not know what I will do! 

Post #4 - 4/15/13

Finally figured out how to fix the Google Drive apps! It turns out all I need to do is click 'save' and then 'publish' for the documents to stay embedded correctly. Figuring that portion out was a huge relief and just lifted a giant weight off from my chest. I also remembered to link the circles on my home pages to their respective tabs, but for some reason they move a little slow. At time I have to click them multiple times to get them to work, so I hope that is just an issue due to a slow server or something. I made some progress on my media page (woo!) but freaked out when I could not find my creativity metaphor. I found it buried and folded underneath a stack of papers in the dining room, which was another big relief. I needed it to set the photos in the order that I wanted, and without, I do not know what its substitute would have been. Only one more blog post to go, and I cannot wait to be done with this project!

Post #5 - 5/20/13

Wow, my last blog post. And there is only one week of school left! This moment is so surreal; it is absolutely ludicrous to think that this year is coming to a close. That being said, being in this English class has been nothing less than a blast. The technology integration and superb teaching is something I feel like I will not find anywhere else. I am so sad to be leaving this class! Ms. Tucker has been, without a doubt, the most phenomenal English teacher I have ever had. I learned so much throughout this year and have grown both as a student and a person. I appreciate all of the work that has been put in to making this English class everything that it is. Looking back on this class, it has affected me in more ways than I thought it would. I entered the year afraid of what it would be like not having Ms. Backhaus for a second year, and I am leaving happier than ever. Ms. Tucker is still a little bit intimidating, but it keeps me on my toes (which is certainly a good thing!). I feel as though I am finally prepared to enter the AP core thanks to the fabulous teaching of the best English teacher ever, Ms. Tucker. I should wrap this up now before I start to cry. Best wishes to all; this year has been fantastic!

- Jake Dunn

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